Why Do New Sales People Get More Objections?

June 2nd, 2013 by admin

It is not hard to see why new sales people are going to receive the heat from the employees who have already been there for a while. Those older employees are not going to be happy to have to potentially share some of their sales leads with the new people, particularly since they are paid on commission in many cases. Bringing in new sales people is something that has to be done with some grace. Those who are good at doing this can bring in new people without too many problems. It is only when someone does not know how to bridge the gap between newer and former employees.

Those who balance out the two well are able to see that the new sales people can fit right in with the rest. They just have to learn how to pitch their salespeople on the benefits of having more employees to spread the workload out and help make things a little easier and get more work done. It may be a tough sell at first, particularly with the new sales people having to learn the ropes for a while. However, the quality salespeople will fit right in with the crowd sooner rather than later.

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